This past weekend was quite thrilling! President Obama is making a big effort into down-ballot races, Howard University held its 93rd Homecoming, and the Lions beat the Redskins, and Tom Hanks on ‘Black Jeopardy’ as a Donald Trump supporter.


In the upcoming presidential election, President Obama decided to make a strategic move. He will be endorsing 150 state legislators candidates, in order to thwart the Republican-controlled state legislatures throughout the nation. These endorsements will be announced through statements, TV, radio, and calls. Just as President Obama is making sure this election goes well, as a voter you should too! Make sure you vote on November 8th and let your voice be heard in the polls!


Thousands of people came to attend Howard University’s 93rd Homecoming. Yardfest returned with featured artists such as, Lil Uzi, Wale, Fabolous, Faith Evans, Common, and WillThaRapper. The School of Communications had its reaming ceremony to celebrate its change to the Cathy Hughes School of Communications. The annual Step Show which featured eight of the Divine 9 organizations. The LGBTQ Reception was held for the second year to raise money for LGBTQ undergraduate and graduate students and researchers. From just a quick recap of these few events, it’s safe to say that the 93rd Homecoming proved itself this year as an amazing experience. If you missed Homecoming, make sure you come to the next one!


In sports new, The Lions defeated the Redskins in a very close game. Many fans were upset due to the Redskins loss to the Lions. Although the Redskins lost, they performed very well in their recent games with the Lions. Their overall stats were great but when it came to turnovers and the score, things did not go in their favor. Hopefully, the Redskins in the near future will be able to redeem themselves from this situation.

Saturday Night Live - Season 42

In entertainment media, Tom Hanks performed as Doug, a Donald Trump supporter on Black Jeopardy. His embodiment of Doug went very well. His hysterical performance showed that is possibly a commonalty that politically opposite voters has but just are not aware of yet. Most of his answers were right and portrayed a connection to black citizens in a funny manner until the end when the category “Lives Matter” was introduced and the show was pushed to commercial break.

The photos in the article were provided by Fox News, CNN, Entertainment Weekly and Bison Homecoming.