Halloween is right around the corner and the children must be very excited! As families are getting ready to prepare, here are some safety tips to make your families’ to have a safe and happy Halloween:

  • Have your child wear a wristband with contact information in case they get lost at any point. Also make sure the children know the number
  • Stay away from pets. They might not initially recognize the child and become frightened.
  • Children should never go into homes.
  • Children should possess flashlights and always stay on sidewalks.
  • Children should not talk to strangers or get into a strangers’ car.
  • Parents should establish a route for children
  • Consider community Halloween parties as a safe alternative to door-to-to “trick-or-treating”
  • Be sure you inspect your child’s candy to see if anything may possess a threat. If in doubt, throw it out!
  • Only Accept packaged and wrapped candy!


Have a safe and Happy Halloween!!