Ten years ago, Tweet came onto the scene with “Oops (Oh My)” featuring Missy Elliott. Now, she is back in the game with her third album entitled Charlene. The singer felt like mainstream music was missing the soul aspect, so she had to intervene and produce an album for the people who agree with her.

Tweet, also known as Charlene Keys, is from Rochester, New York. She grew up singing and playing instruments in the church with her family. She went to Rochester’s School of the Arts and joined a girl group called Sugah. While Tweet was in the group, she formed a strong bond with Missy Elliott that outlasted the duration of the group. Even after Sugah broke up, Tweet kept in contact with Missy.

Tweet began singing backup vocals for Missy Elliott and Timbaland until coming out as a solo artist in 2002. In April, she released her debut album Southern Hummingbird.

Tweet released another album called It’s Me Again in 2005. The album didn’t do so well because of promotional issues and mis-management.

After a ten year hiatus, Tweet released her third studio album Charlene which features the singles “Won’t Hurt Me” and “Magic”.