As we know this upcoming election is very important! Not only are we determining who will replace Obama’s Administration for four years but we are also deciding who will be our state legislators and senators. It’s important that we pay attention to not only the Presidential election but also our local one. These are just as impactful since they’ll shape how your state is governed. As voters we must be aware to make sure our voting experience is politically conscious. Here are some tips to make sure your voice is heard in the polls Nov. 8th:

  1. Register to Vote – Know the voter registration deadlines for your individual states to make sure you still might have a chance to register if you have not done so already.
  2. Confirm Voter Registration Status – After you have registered to vote, check with your State or Local elections office before the last day to register to vote. You will have the ability to make any changes needed to your registration information.
  3. Cast an Absentee Ballot – If you realize that you won’t be in your state to vote on Election Day, check the deadline to apply for absentee ballots to ensure you’re still able to vote early.
  4. Voter Identification Requirements – Each state has different requirements on election day for voter identification purposes; make sure you check online to understand the needed materials for Election Day
  5. Know the Polling location’s open and close times – Pick a polling location and become aware of the times the place opens and closes
  6. Become Acquainted With Candidates and Issues – Make sure you are aware of who is on the ballot and their stance on current issues
  7. Fill Out a Sample Ballot – Filling out a sample ballot will help streamline the voting process and eliminate errors. Also be mindful of the devices that will be offered at your specific polling location.

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Make Sure to Cast Your Ballot November 8th!!