The 2016 Elections results are and Donald Trump is the President Elect. His victory shocked millions of voters throughout then at ion because of his lack of government or military experience to qualify him as a candidate. Upon his victory, he addressed the nation in his speech by mentioning that he will work to represent all Americans. His speech also mentions that he wants to have every individual realize their full potential and to become more inclusive to forgotten citizens in this country. It seems as though his intentions are good but majority of the nation is not convinced and is waiting to see his upcoming actions in his presidency


Although this election did not turn out as expected, President Obama and Hillary Clinton urged people to welcome Donald Trump with an open mind. Having an open mind will allow this to be a peaceful transfer of power and will grant him the opportunity to potentially progress the nation. President Obama and Hillary Clinton also asked people to continue working and pushing forward in order to ensure this will the America our future generations can live in comfortably.