While consumers are shopping for deals during the massive two-day sale during Amazon Prime Day, employees are walking out in protest. Amazon employees in Minnesota and other areas are protesting the working conditions at the giant online retailer. Several Amazon Fulfillment Center employees created a private Facebook group to voice concern over working conditions. Among concerns are un-safe facilities with no working air condition, mechanical problems, and unreasonable pressure to fulfill orders. Employees in Minnesota have staged a walkout during the popular Prime Days event to bring attention to their concerns. Customers nationwide are also canceling their Prime memberships in solidarity.

In 2018, there were more than one million Amazon Prime subscribers.

In a statement to NBC News, an Amazon spokesperson said that the company already offered what the strikers were demanding, including competitive pay and benefits. Amazon increased its minimum wage to $15 an hour last October. “Safety is our top priority every day of the year, but especially during Prime Week with more people in the buildings,” the statement said.

Among supporters of the Amazon strike are Presidential hopefuls Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, both tweeting messages of solidarity with the Amazon employees.