The Mix

A little bit of this with a little bit of that...

M-F 6am-10am

On-Air: Various

The Mix is a music intensive show that incorporates various genres including Neo-Soul, R&B, Jazz, Funk, and music from around the world . The show is both entertaining and informative through its vibrant music and lively segments. The Mix airs Monday thru Friday from 6AM to 10AM EST. More
  • Welcome To WHUR WORLD

    WHUR-WORLD, the high quality digital HD2 channel of WHUR-FM, is a progressive mix of music and information:

    • whose roots are embedded in the original WHUR concept of “360 degrees of Total Blackness”
    • whose broadcast reach is extended by the world wide web
    • whose purpose is to offer an alternative multicast of programming that entertains, educates, addresses social problems, and provides context for a mature adult listening audience

    WHUR-WORLD is a new high definition radio channel broadcasting culturally rich content to a diverse audience on the WHUR-FM HD Radio network.

    Both music and information on WHUR-WORLD will help listeners understand—in keeping with Howard University’s mission – “America and the Global Community.” The music and information are intended to entertain, to inspire creative thought and imagination, and, as appropriate, to change mental perspectives and viewpoints. The music is an intensive blend of Classic Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, Blues, African-American Folk, and World. Similarly, the non-music information provides context drawing upon multiple cultural sites.